Mission and Values


At the International Network of Human Rights (RIDH), we:

Enhance the capabilities of actors committed to the promotion and protection of human rights, providing them with information, analysis and technical assistance.

Work as an intermediary in processes of advocacy and dialogue with the United Nations aimed at the realization of human rights in a given context.



Our activities are based on the application of international human rights standards and their intrinsic values. Impartiality offers the action frame through which we seek to establish communication channels between institutional and non-governmental actors.


Since its creation, the International Network of Human Rights has been building a network of organizations composed of actors dedicated to protecting human rights. In the development of our activity, we aim to strengthen the voice, capabilities and knowledge of those entitled to human rights through active participation of, and access to information for civil society.


We believe that implying proactive accountability and legitimizing the organization’s activities is only made possible through visible action. We therefore define ourselves as a transparent organization at the service of its counterparts, that seeks the respect, protection, realization and enjoyment of all human rights.